Comparison of registers means that the information you have given in your application for a residence permit or for an extension of a residence permit is compared with information stored about you in the Buildings and Housing Registry (BBR), the Civil Registration System (CPR) or the Danish Income Register (eIndkomst).

The purpose is to verify that you meet the conditions of your (and your family’s) residence permit, and that you do not work illegally. 

Among other things, SIRI and the Danish Immigration Service compares registries to check:

  • if you receive the salary and work for the employer that your permit is granted for,
  • if you work for employers that your permit does not allow you to work for,
  • if you work more hours than your permit allows you to,
  • if you stay and work in Denmark without holding the required permit,
  • if you (or your family) receive public benefits that you (or your family) are not allowed to receive with the permit that you or your family applied for,
  • if you live with the person that you have been granted a permit to live with,
  • if you actually live in Denmark

Verification and spot-check procedures are continuously taking place and can therefore occur both during the processing of your application, while you hold a residence permit and after your residence permit has expired.