You can submit your application and have your biometric features for residence cards recorded at a police station, if you live outside the Greater Copenhagen area.

The following police stations are capable of receiving applications and recording biometric features:

Nordjyllands Politi i Ålborg: Jyllandsgade 27, 9000 Aalborg

Midt- og Vestjyllands Politi i Holstebro: Stationsvej 74, 7500 Holstebro

Østjyllands Politi i Århus: Ridderstræde 1, 8000 Aarhus C

Syd- og Østjyllands Politi i Horsens: Holmeboes Alle 2, 8700 Horsens

Syd- og Sønderjyllands Politi i Esbjerg: Kirkegade 76, 6700 Esbjerg

Syd- og Sønderjyllands Politi i Aabenraa: Haderslevvej 52, 6200 Aabenraa

Fyns Politi i Svendborg: Tvedvej 2, 5700 Svendborg

Nordsjællands Politi i Hillerød: Østergade 1, 3400 Hillerød

Midt- og Vestsjællands Politi i Køge: Kongsberg Allé 4, 4600 Køge

Sydsjællands Politi i Næstved: Parkvej 50, 4700 Næstved

Sydsjællands Politi i Nykøbing Falster: Vestergade 15, 4800 Nykøbing Falster

Bornholms Politi i Rønne: Zahrtmannsvej 44, 3700 Rønne

Contact information on the Danish police stations capable of recording biometric featurest, including opening hours, can be found at