You can use the short-stay (visa) calculator if you are visa-free or if you are required to hold a visa. The short-stay calculator is indicative.

Open the short-stay visa calculator

Choose ‘planning’ if you want to calculate when and for how long a visa can be issued, or to see how long you can stay in the Schengen region.

Choose ‘control’ if you want to see if your stay in the Schengen region complies with the rules and to calculate which date your stay will end.

If you click the question marks by the boxes a guide in English will pop up.

‘Date end entry/control: The current date will automatically appear in the box, but can be changed by typing in the date/month/year - e.g. 200714 for 20 July 2014. You type in the date you want to calculate from e.g. the date you are planning to travel.

You type in previous stays in the date-boxes – you type in the date of entry and the date of exit. You do this by clicking the date-boxes filling them in. You can also use the tabulator key to get to the date-boxes. Choose ‘Planning’ if you want to calculate for how long you can stay in the Schengen region.

If you click ‘calculate’ the number of days of the stay will be calculated. Furthermore it will appear in the text on your right for how long your stay can last.

If you after this click on ‘control’ and ‘calculate’ the date which is the end-date for your stay will appear, e.g. the expiry date of your visa.

By clicking ‘reset’ all the numbers will be reset.

Please note that your stay may not exceed the validity period of your visa.