The Immigration Service’s Country of Origin Information Division collect background information on conditions in asylum seekers' countries of origin. This background information forms the basis for the ruling in asylum cases and other types of cases processed by the Immigration Service. The employees of the Country of Origin Information Division are excluded from the processing of all applications for asylum, and are not involved in the ruling on any asylum case.

Collection of background information

The Country of Origin Information Division retrieves a great deal of information via the internet such as reports, newsletters, journals and newspapers. Information is also retrieved from a selection of internationally acknowledged databases. In addition, individual regional experts collect information through national and international networks, including contact to researchers and others with specialist knowledge of the area. Further information is also obtained by consulting the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, United Nations organisations and other relevant sources. 

The information is passed on to caseworkers in the Immigration Service and is published in reports and notes.   

Country Missions

The Country of Origin Information Division also provides information gathered on country missions, in which regional experts themselves travel to the countries in question and collect information at meetings with national authorities, international organisations and national NGOs. Some missions are undertaken in cooperation with the Danish Refugee Council.

The results of country missions are presented in country reports which are made available to the public.

Country reports and other material

See the Immigration Service’s country reports

See other reports and notes

Selected reports and notes are also available as background material on the website of the Refugee Appeals Board where material on specific countries from 2005 onwards can be found.