Procedural stay means that you can stay in Denmark while we process your application for a residence permit.

It is a requirement that you submit your application while being in Denmark legally. 

When on procedural stay, you are generally not allowed work, and your right to medical care is limited.

If you have submitted an application for an extension before the expiry of your permit, you can, however, continue your stay with the same rights as when your initial permit was valid. For example, you are allowed to continue to work if you have applied for an extension of a residence and work permit – and you are entitled to full medical care as well. This also applies if you have changed your job and are covered by the rules on job change.

If you have submitted your application abroad and subsequently travel to Denmark, you are not automatically allowed to stay here while we process your application.

That is, you will not be entitled to procedural stay. Therefore, you must leave Denmark if, for example, your visa-free stay in Denmark ends before we have finished processing your application.

If you are here on a procedural stay and leave Denmark, your right to the procedural stay lapses. However, you will keep your right to a procedural stay if you have been staying visa-free in Denmark and you return to Denmark before your visa-free stay in Denmark expires.