The Immigration Service will assign you to live at a specific asylum centre. Usually, you will live in at least two centres (a reception centre and an accommodation centre) before you are granted a residence permit, leave Denmark or are deported. However, certain asylum seekers can be approved to live in privately owned homes not affiliated with an asylum centre.

There are several types of asylum centres:

  • Reception centres - for asylum seekers who are newly arrived in Denmark.
  • Accommodation centres - for asylum seekers whose applications are being processed in Denmark.
  • Return centres - for persons without a legal residence in Denmark, e.g. because they have been granted a final refusal in their asylum case, and asylum seekers who are to be transferred or returned to another EU country under the Dublin Regulation.

In addition, there are special centres for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers and for asylum seekers who are seriously ill or need special care for some other reason.

The Immigration Service is responsible for providing accommodations at asylum centres. Day-to-day operation of asylum centres is carried out together with various operators.

These operators are: The Prison and Probation Service (Kriminalforsorgen), the Red Cross, Tønder Municipality and Vesthimmerlands Municipality.

See contracts with asylum operators at the homepage of the Danish Immigration Service,

See where the asylum centres are located in Denmark

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