Published 17-11-2022 - Last updated: 18-11-2022

You still have to use NemID in the online applications and invitations

If you hold a Danish CRP-number or represent a company in Denmark, you must have a NemID in order to use the online forms for applications and invitations, which the Immigration Service and SIRI provide at It is not yet possible only to use MitID at

When you log on to the forms you can choose if you want to log on with MitID or NemID. When you have completed a form and have to sign it at the end, it is only possible to use NemID.

No matter if you are a private person or represent a company you must still use either a private NemID or a NemID employee signature.    

Even though you have got a MitID it is hence important that you keep your NemID for now. You will be notified when you no longer need to keep your NemID.

If you do not have a NemID you must contact the municipality where you live. They can help you to get a NemID.

Read more about NemID, including how to get one, at