Published 04-07-2022

SIRI's expected case processing times in the third quarter of 2022

SIRI has defined expected case processing times for first-time applications for the third quarter of 2022, cf. the right column of table 1. The table also shows the current average case processing times, compared with the figures for the third quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, where case processing times have generally been declining. SIRI has now managed to process a substantial amount of accumulated cases, which means that first-time applications can generally be processed within a month. Longer case processing times in certain cases will be caused by the need to obtain further information from either the applicant or other authorities.


Table 1. Case processing times - status and expected times

Case types
    End of Q3
2021 (Sept.)
    End of Q1
2022 (March)
    Exp. processing
times Q3 2022
Fast-track   44    31    29    1 month
Pay Limit scheme, ordinary (1)   128   85   53   1-3 months
Agriculture   72    42    29    1 month
Interns   78    73    48    2-3 months
Other work schemes (2)   76    72    57    1-4 months
Researchers   62    32    29    1-2 months
Students   37    80    24    2 months
PhDs   29    24    19    1 month
Au-pairs   74    52    52    3 months
Please note: The current case processing time is the average case processing time for cases processed between 1 and 22 June 2022, calculated by 23 June 2022. The expected processing times refer to the case processing times for the majority of cases which should be taken to mean that around 70 to 90 percent of the applications have been processed within the indicated interval - depending on the type of scheme, individual conditions pertaining to the application etc.

(1) The expected processing time regarding the Pay Limit scheme does not include a number of complicated cases in the restaurant industry, where a high percentage of applications are turned down. In these cases, longer case processing times should be expected.

(2) Includes Labour Market Attachment, Association stand-still, Drillrigs and other mobile work places, Establishment card, Job seeking stay, Special individual qualifications, the Positive List for Skilled Work, The Positive List for People with a Higher Education as well as accompanying family members of persons working in Denmark.


In the second quarter of 2022, SIRI has helped the Danish Immigration Service process cases regarding citizens of Ukraine. As was expected, this has resulted in longer processing times for extension cases and reduced opening hours in SIRI's call center. However, in the second quarter of 2022, SIRI has hired and trained additional staff who contribute to reducing case processing times. Along with the declining processing times for first-time applications, the case processing times for accompanying family members is also generally declining.

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