Published 19-01-2022

User satisfaction with SIRI’s branch offices continues to be high

In week 49 of 2021, SIRI carried out a user survey in our branch offices across the country. Amongst the users who participated in the survey, satisfaction is generally very high.

98 percent are satisfied

SIRI’s users were asked generally how satisfied they were with the service of the branch offices. Surveys were carried out in Valby, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and Aaabenraa. Out of 1782 asked, 638 chose to participate (equal to 36 percent). Of the 638 participants, 584 were very satisfied, 44 were satisfied, 6 were somewhat satisfied, 2 were dissatisfied and 2 were very dissatisfied.

This means that 98 percent of users who chose to participate in the survey were very satisfied of satisfied with the service offered. As such, the survey indicates that user satisfaction with the services of the branch offices is generally high.

Read memo about the survey (PDF)

SIRI’s branch offices carried out a similar survey in week 26 of 2021 in which user satisfaction was at a similarly high level. In this survey, 99 percent of users reported that they were very satisfied or satisfied with the service of the branch offices.

What do the branch offices do?

SIRI’s branch offices process applications about EU residence for foreign nationals and record biometric data and carry out ID checks for applicants from countries outside the EU/EEA.

If you wish to apply for EU residence or submit an application for a residence and work permit under the Danish Aliens Act, you need to book an appointment in advance. It is also necessary to book an appointment in order to have your biometric data recorded or to apply for a return permit.

It is not possible to book an appointment for personal counselling about the rules regarding residence. If you want information and advice, please call us.

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