Published 26-03-2020 - Last updated: 08-04-2020

Increase in fees for SIRI's work schemes on 1 April

The case processing fee for a residence permit will increase for several of SIRI's schemes in the area of work by DKK 225 per 1 April 2020.

This means that the case processing fee for applications for residence permit under the Fast track Scheme, the Pay Limit Scheme, the Researcher Scheme and the Positive List, among others, will be DKK 3,215 per 1 April 2020.

On you will find a list of the fee rates for all SIRI's schemes. The list will be updated with the new rate for work schemes on 1 April.

The list can be accessed here

Fee and date of submission of application

It is important that you as the applicant create a case order ID, pay the fee and submit the application simultaneously.

If you pay the fee before 1 April and submit your application after 1 April, your application may be rejected as you have paid too little. If you have already paid a fee, you must submit your application before 1 April.


The increase is part of an enhanced control effort in the area of work with special focus on the restaurant industry.