Published 23-02-2018

About 70 rejected asylum seekers transferred to newly established transit centre

Rejected asylum seekers who have exhausted all avenues of appeal are transferred to the new transit centre in Avnstrup

The first of group of 70 rejected asylum seekers have been informed by the Immigration Service, that they have to move to the newly established transit centre at Avnstrup. A number of the have already moved in.

Those assigned to live in Centre Avnstrup were issued final rejections of their applications for asylum by the Refugee Appeals Board after 1 February, and about 20 had already been issued final rejections and were living at one of the other asylum centres in Denmark.

All rejected asylum seekers will now be required to live in Centre Avnstrup once their final appeal has been denied.

When the rejected asylum seekers arrive at Centre Avnstrup, the police will determine who wish to assist with their deportation. Individuals who are willing to assist will be permitted to live in Centre Avnstrup until they leave Denmark. Those who are unwilling assist will, in the vast majority of cases, be transferred to a departure centre.

300 will be moved out of the transit center

At the start of February, before it was converted to a transit centre, Centre Avnstrup housed 450 people. Some 300 residents are currently being relocated, because their applications for asylum are still being reviewed by the Immigration Service or the Refugee Appeals Board.

The remaining residents have exhausted all avenues of appeal and will be required to live in Centre Avnstrup.

Centre Avnstrup is operated by the Danish Red Cross and can house 600 rejected asylum seekers. The centre was established as part of an agreement between the government and the Danish People’s Party. Funding is included in the 2018 budget agreement.

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