Published 10-06-2016 - Last updated: 15-01-2018

Bill to repeal the Greencard scheme has been passed

On 2 June 2016 the Danish Parliament has passed a bill to repeal the Greencard scheme.

The change means that from 10 June 2016 it will no longer be possible to submit new applications for a Greencard.

It is still possible to apply for a Greencard until, but not including 10 June 2016.

From 10 June 2016 onwards you can continue to apply for an extension of an existing Greencard. Likewise it will still possible to apply for a residence permit as an accompanying family member to a person holding a Greencard.

The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration will continue to process applications under the Greencard scheme submitted before the effective date of 10 June 2016 according to the current regulations.

Read about bill L 169 here (in Danish only).

The changes will be incorporated into the specific pages on offering information on the Greencard scheme on 10 June 2016.