Published 20-12-2017

Increased rule for permanent residence permit

Applications for permanent residence permit will in the future be refused, if the applicant has worked against the establishment of his/her identity.

On 14 December 2017 the Danish parliament passed a bill which means that persons applying for permanent residence permit will get a refusal, if they have worked deliberately against the immigration authorities’ establishment of their identity.

The bill applies to all first time applications for residence permit in Denmark that has been submitted from 1 January 2018 and onwards.

It is a basic requirement in application for residence that the applicants’ identity is established. The applicants can document their identity e.g. with a national passport or other travel documentation. If the applicants are not able to do that, the immigration authorities will assess whether the identity can be considered as properly established on the grounds of other information.

During the case processing the applicants must speak the truth and contribute to the establishment of their identity and background. If the applicants refuse to give an explanation, or if the applicants give untrustworthy or obvious untrue explanations, it can be considered as a deliberate act that works against the establishment of the identity.

The applicants who have worked against the establishment of their identity cannot be granted a permanent residence permit in the future, unless very special reasons apply.

You can read more about the rule here (in Danish only):

Bill as proposed

Bill as passed



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