Published 26-05-2021

Apply for family reunification digitally

A new digital application solution makes it possible to apply online for family reunification with other family members than spouses and children.

The Immigration Service’ new digital application form can be used from today 26 May 2021. The digital form is called SG1-2 online and is the last of several digital forms introduced for applications regarding family reunification. It is now possible to apply for family reunification digitally regardless of which family member who wants to apply. 

The new digital form can be accessed at the relevant application sites here at under You want to apply for family reunification

SG1-2 online automatically adjusts to the user’s current situation during the application process. By doing this SG1-2 online makes the application process easier for the user and at the same time contributes to ensuring that the user submits all the relevant and necessary information.

How to use SG1-2 online

SG1-2 online consists of two parts: Part 1 must be filled out by the family member residing in Denmark and part 2 must be filled out by the family member abroad applying for family reunification. Both part 1 and part 2 can be filled out by another person on behalf. 

Please note that you must log in and sign part 1 with NemID. That is not a requirement in part 2.

SG1-2 online contains a detailed guidance on how to fill out and submit the digital application.

An alternative to paper-based application forms

SG1-2 online is an alternative to the two paper-based application forms SG1 and SG2, which are still available at the relevant application sites. 

Children and spouses, who apply for family reunification, cannot use SG1-2 online. They must use FA1 or FA2 online instead.