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Published 14-03-2020 - Last updated: 17-03-2020

Information about the processing of short stay visa application after the decision about closing Denmark’s borders

Due to the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic the Danish Government has decided to close Denmark’s borders for all entries from 14 March 2020, 12 pm until 13 April 2020 unless you have a worthy purpose for entering.

For citizens of countries with a short stay visa requirement this means that everyone, who wishes to enter Denmark in the period until 13 April 2020, will get a refusal for visa unless the purpose of the entry is worthy.

Worthy purposes include the following:

  • visits to critically ill or dying family members
  • persons who are either parents or primary caretakers (e.g. foster parents) of minors residing in Denmark
  • persons who are in the process of a medical treatment in Denmark
  • persons who are attending a funeral in Denmark
  • persons who will be part of a court case in Denmark

Ordinary family visits, tourist visits, study visits, business travel and the like are not considered worthy travel purposes and no short stay visas will be granted to such visits.

The short stay visa applications will be processed by the Danish Immigration Service and therefore you must expect an extended case processing time.