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Family Reunification

Frequently asked questions about family reunification

What are the requirements for being approved for family reunification?

You must meet a number of requirements if you want to be reunited with a family member in Denmark. Read more about requirements for family reunification with a spouse and family reunification with children.

When will I receive the ruling?

The Danish Immigration Service has a maximum time limit for processing applications for family reunification. The application processing times are calculated from the date the application is submitted. Read more about the Immigration Service' expected maximum processing times

Where do I submit my application for a residence permit?

If you reside abroad, the application can be submitted at a Danish diplomatic mission. If you are a legal resident of Denmark, you can normally submit your application in Denmark. You can submit your application at the Danish Immigration Service's Citizen Service. If you live outside the Greater Copenhagen area you can also submit your application at a police station capable of recording biometric features. See list of the police stations capable of recording biometric features at You can also send the application to the Danish Immigration Service. Read about the recording of biometric features in connection with applications sent to the Immigration Service.  

Special application forms for family reunification with a spouse or family reunification with children are available.

How do I contact the Immigration Service?

Once the Immigration Service has received your application for family reunification, you and your sponsor in Denmark will receive a confirmation letter with contact information for the Danish Immigration Service.

Can I ask for a meeting with my case worker?

Under normal circumstances, you cannot request a meeting with your case worker. If you need to speak with an Immigration Service employee, you or your sponsor can make a personal enquiry at the Danish Immigration Service’s Citizen Service. You can also call the Immigration Service.

Under what circumstances does the Immigration Service relax its normal requirements?

Normally you must meet all requirements in order to be granted family reunification. However, in certain situations you can receive a residence permit even though you do not meet all the requirements.

Exceptions are made in cases in which refusing to grant a residence permit would put Denmark in violation of its international obligations. Read more about special circumstances in which the regular requirements are relaxed when applying for family reunification with a spouse and family reunification with children.

Can a child over the age of 15 receive a residence permit?

Normally, children over the age of 15 cannot receive a residence permit. In certain situations, however, children over the age of 15 can be granted a residence permit.

Exceptions are made in cases in which refusing to grant a residence permit would put Denmark in violation of its international obligations. Read more about the interests of the child that can result in a family reunification with a child over the age of 15 being granted.

How does my sponsor put up collateral when I apply?

Collateral can be put up in the form of a demand guarantee or by depositing the money in an account specifically set up for that purpose. The sponsor's local council will have access to the money. Read more about the collateral requirement.

How can I appeal an Immigration Service decision?

You can appeal Immigration Service decisions to the Immigration Appeals Board. Read more about avenues for appeal.

Last update: 2/28/2017
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